About the Living Ideas Journal

A free publication of the Renaissance Program, Living Ideas Journal explores how the humanities can contribute to the world and deepen our experience of being alive.

We believe that we cannot only learn about great thinkers from the past, we can also learn from them in ways that enhance human life.

About the Editor

The Living Ideas Journal is a creation of Dr. David Fideler, author of a forthcoming book on how Renaissance ideas can contribute to today’s world.

His last book, on the Roman philosopher Seneca, was reviewed by the New York Times, selected as on of the best nonfiction books of the year by the editors at Amazon, and is published in sixteen languages.

Fideler holds a PhD in philosophy, has worked as a college professor, as the director of a humanities center in the United States, and in book publishing.

Over the course of his entire career, David has worked to build bridges between the world of learning and contemporary life. He is also an advisor to the Plato’s Academy Centre in Athens

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