The Good, the True, and the Beautiful: A Conversation

In this conversation, David Fideler and Leah Goldrick explore beauty in philosophy, nature, ethics, and art.

For two thousand years, philosophers believed that beauty was an objective quality of nature.

In this lively and informative conversation, David Fideler and Leah Goldrick discuss ancient philosophical ideas about beauty. They explore why beauty is important for leading a happy life, and how, by understanding the principles of beauty, it’s possible for people to create outstanding works of art and architecture.


David and Leah delve into the rich history of Greek philosophy to examine beauty as an aspect of nature. They discuss the ideas of Pythagoras, Plato, and the Stoics, and the ideas they held about beauty.

David Fideler and Leah Goldrick

They also explore the importance of harmony and proportion in nature and art, and how they were used to enhance beauty in ancient architecture and Renaissance paintings.

Finally, the conversation touches on the connections between beauty, truth, and goodness, and how the timeless wisdom of ancient philosophy can still inspire us today.

To watch the conversation on YouTube, click on this link or on the image below.

Further Resources

  • Proportion in Art and Architecture by Michael Schneider. A short, highly illustrated, and totally reliable guide. The book demonstrates how artists, architects, and designers have used harmony and proportion from the ancient world until today.

  • Why Beauty Matters. The classic BBC documentary by philosopher and writer Roger Scruton. As Scruton notes, “I think we are losing beauty. And there is a danger that, with it, we will lose the meaning of life.”

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